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About Uzzz Productions

Uzzz Productions started in 2006 with Syed Balkhi as a one man freelancing company. From picking up the odd coding job to releasing free themes, Syed slowly increased his experience and his influence in the world of web design. Syed went on to create and manage directories and proxy sites before landing in the heart of the WordPress community, and expanding Uzzz’s staff to what it is today. We are headquarters in Florida, with our editors’ locations spanning the state from Tallahassee to West Palm Beach.

Syed BalkhiSyed Balkhi: CEO of Uzzz Productions and founder of WPBeginner. Syed is a 19 year old marketing dynamo. A University of Florida student, he is known for his unique style of presentation and creative designs. Catch him on twitter, WPBeginner, or his personal blog Balkhis.
David PeggDavid Pegg: As CFO, David keeps Uzzz Productions on track. He is currently pursuing a M.S. in International Business at the University of Florida. A musician, a writer, and a dancer, David is a creative influence for many of our projects.
Amanda RobertsAmanda Roberts: As a member of our Board of Directors, Amanda plays a key role in our day to day operations. She is also a student at the University of Florida and a contributer at and WPBeginner.
Muhammad KarimMuhammad Karim: As one of our PHP developers, Muhammad is known for his elegant coding skills. He is currently studying at Florida State University while contributing to WPBeginner and Uzzz Productions.
Zain BalkhiZain Balkhi: Our junior developer, Zain, has been trying his hand at WordPress since 2008. He is one of our brightest stars and he inspires us each day to strive for something new and better than ever before. Currently in Kindergarten, Zain still finds time to supervise his brother, Syed, and is quick to point what he likes and does not like about a design. Find him at Life Of Blogger.